Pecan the photographing guide dog

The Yahoo! Accessibility Lab created a fun project this year which gives a guide dog the ability to photograph her perspective of the world. Pecan is the guide dog for Lucy Greco, who runs the accessibility center for UC Berkeley.

The project started at the CSUN conference earlier this year. This is the biggest conference for assistive technology and education. Pecan became the star of the show as everyone wanted to see the budding photographer.

Pecan, Lucy, and the Yahoo! Accessibility Lab recently visited the Ed Roberts Campus in Berkeley. This center, conveniently attached to a BART station, provides a synergistic environment for organizations that improve the lives of the disabled. Enjoy the photographs as Pecan guides Lucy around this impressive center.

Pecan uses a Nokia phone that uploads the geolocated images to a server. This server provides some basic image manipulation and submits the images to Flickr, a photo sharing site from Yahoo.

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