What did Fido tweet today?

You’ve got social pets. Fido is the king of the dog park and Virgil is lead singer of the neighborhood cat quartet. But are they truly social?

A Twitter Stream for your Pet

Your dog can tweet with Mattels puppy tweets

Wouldn’t it be great if your pets had their own Twitter account and let their pals know what they are up to?

Mattel’s Puppy Tweets hooks to your pet’s collar and periodically sends tweets based on their activity. Everyone will know if your pooch is chasing squirrels or sleeping on the couch while you are away.

Give Your Pet a Camera

If you’re dog is more of the Flickr type, you can get him a personal camera.

Pet's Eye View Camera

The Pet’s Eye View Camera takes photos throughout the day and stores them for you to download when you get home. Imagine the excitement of seeing food dishes, the couch, and Animal Planet on the television.

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The life of Chip

Here’s a nice blog, Chip Picschip as a tiny, baby chipmunk, about a hiker who discovers a nearly frozen, barely alive chipmunk. She was able to nurse the little guy back to life and he has become a part of the family.

Here was Chip as I found him: curled up, cold, appearing to be dead, in the middle of a trail in the Olympics.

Over the next hour, as I held him in my hand, he warmed up and started to move. Here he is nestled in my fleece hat. He’s just a few weeks old … eyes still closed, very immature.
The life of Chip

Finding Alcala just got a bit easier

Yahoo! recently introduced Search Monkey, a feature that allows users to customize their search results. You can add little applications for your favorite web sites and they will have increased information and functionality when they appear in a search result.

Alcala Pet Care search monkey example

Alcala Pet Care now has a Search Monkey application to make it even easier to contact us and make a reservation.  Simply visit the San Diego Dog Information application and click the Add Enhanced Results button. There’s nothing for you to download or install on your computer. It’s just telling Yahoo that you would like to see more information about Alcala whenever it appears in a search result.

For the pet dog that has everything

Where do you find that special toy or furniture for the dog that has everything?

bent plywood bed for a catThe big box stores have lots of stuff, but haven’t you seen the same toys and outfits on a dozen other dogs?

The Alcala Pet Care shoppers have been keeping an eye out for the more unique boutiques and shops. The following is a growing list of places to find fun, unusual, healthy, and luxurious items for your dog.

Shop till you drop

We can’t guarantee the quality of these shops, just the selections. Please let us know if you have good/bad responses.

What are your favorite shops? Leave a comment below.

A new twist on dog crates

eiCrate by Go PetDo you have the same old cube-shaped crate in your house? Perhaps it is hidden under a table, blanket, or in the garage?

These hand-made crates let you show off your pooch’s play house.  They feature powder coated wire for easy cleaning and long-lasting looks.

Go!PetDesign also make accessories for the crate and toys. Their web site has helpful hints on crate training, and more. You can purchase it online or visit one of their retail stores.