Dog vaccination schedules by Dr. Jean Dobbs

puppies-grassDr. Jean Dobbs is not one to follow the pack when it comes to animal health. She’s opened minds about hyperthyroidism, animal blood banks, and the most effective vaccination protocols for your pets. Unlike other veterinarians; Dobbs recommends fewer vaccinations with strategic timing, rather than an annual series of shots.

The Jean Dobb’s vaccination schedule has been published many times on the internet. Alcala Pet Care requires the industry standard vaccinations, and rabies is required by law. However, we will honor the alternative vaccination schedule, with written notification from your veterinarian. Rabies, however, is always required. Your dog must have a current bordatella vaccination before visiting a kennel, play park, or daycare facility.

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6 Replies to “Dog vaccination schedules by Dr. Jean Dobbs”

  1. Dear Dr. Dobbs: I have an English Setter with his results from his Throid Test…Would it be possible to send that paper to you for you to evaluate for me. I co-own this English Setter with Mrs. Gloria Arata whom I am sure that you know. If you can look over the results and give us a written result, that would be super…I will have to know your address or could fax the paper to you, Thank you for your help. Dawn S. Ronyak

  2. I have a 22 month old Gordon Setter that is overweight at 91lbs. I have him on a diet, 1cup Eukanuba with non-fat yogard twice a day. First T4 level was 1.3, after two months of thyroid medicine at 0.8 q/d, he gained weight (4lbs) and his T4 level was 5.6. My vet cut his medicine to 0.4 q/d. I know over the summer months he has muscled up because I also have a 6 onth old Great Dane puppy, but to have gained 4lbs while on the diet and medicine!
    Please help,
    Stephanie Sharp

  3. My mom has a Shibu Inu with a growth out out his side by the front shoulder. The breeder said that this is from where the vet has given Bear all of his shots, and it must be removed right away. I als have a mini dashund and we were both wondering if all these shots were needed. I don’t have a list with me of what the vet gives, but my dashund when given all the shots at once breaks out in massive hives, so we make 3 trips to the vet to get them separate. We were told to look into your site by the breeder. Could you please help us out as our dogs like most people are like childern. Thank you Michele Haase

  4. Marge Mehegan recommended that we contact you. We are proud owners of one of her Vizsla. About 1 year ago Paloma started acting strange. We had numerous test done here and in LA. Everything was ruled out. They sent her home on Potassium Bromide and diagnosed her with psycho-motor like seizures.
    While she is better she is still showing symptoms of extreme separation anxiety, lethargy followed with extreme agitation.
    Do you have any thoughts? I have all her lab and work-up reports.

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